About Us

Fireball Entertainment was founded to develop games for PC, Nintendo WiiU and mobile devices. We are currently working on assets for the Unreal market-place and games for mobile devices amd virtual reality. For more information about our currently developed games, please visit the games page.

The Team



Picture of Markus

Markus [@muellerkun] has been working on games since childhood and got into programming pretty early.

After working in service and consulting for various IT companies, he started taking game development more seriously.

At Fireball Entertainment he holds the position of marketing and creative director. His passion for programming and gadgets still lives and so he is also available for help in technical questions as well as for coding.


Martin [@rongonga] started programming at the age of 10 on a Commodore64, fascinated by games and the wish, to create these wonderful pieces himself and share it with others.